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Today’s Interest Rates

Knowing the intricacies of what affects interest rates is important to understand how mortgage interest rates are set so that you can determine when is the best time to “lock” your rate when you are purchasing a home. Consulting with a skilled real estate attorney...

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Starting a Business in 2024

If you are looking to start a business, 2024 may be your year. With retail rentals becoming increasingly available, it is important to consult with an experienced commercial lease attorney to help navigate you in one of the most important agreements pertaining to your...

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Will 2024 Be a Better Year For Homebuyers?

While 2024 could shape up to be a thriving year for the real estate market, there are still several factors that could impact homebuyers including interest rates, inventory and economic factors. However, there’s one factor that remains – having a real estate attorney...

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The Fall of Mortgage Rates 

Real estate mortgage rates could fall throughout 2024, meaning those looking to invest, refinance, or enter the housing market will have an easier opportunity to do so. However, if you are entering such ventures, be sure to always contact a skilled real estate...

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Complexities of Real Estate Contracts

A real estate contract is just that, a “contract.”  It is enforceable and carries with it major consequences based on the obligations of the parties. Since this article provides a general overview of contract rights in real estate and is not legal advice, it is...

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Staying in the Know on Wire Fraud

If you’re entering a real estate transaction this year, both buyers and sellers should be aware of the dangers of wire fraud. Wire fraud can occur during a real estate transaction, and it could happen to unsuspecting buyers in a transaction.  This is why it is...

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Buying a Home in 2024

While there are many factors that could impact the outcome of the 2024 real estate market, there is always a need for a skilled real estate attorney that will ensure the transaction is properly put together from the attorney review phase and then managed all the way...

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Closing the 2023 Real Estate Market

With 2023 coming to an end soon, many may wonder how the real estate market will shape up for 2024. While the market could still be in flux, buyers and sellers may potentially see changes including a decline in mortgage interest rates and an increase in...

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Navigating the Real Estate Market

We’ve all heard that the current real estate market is a challenge for buyers, due to low inventory and high interest rates. This makes the selection of a real estate attorney and a qualified real estate agent even more critical. Selecting your team will help you...

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Don’t You Dare Waive Inspections

Should you waive inspections?  In this blog, we are going to investigate this recent phenomenon that started during the seller's market and is certainly even more common today -- buyers waiving the inspection contingency. During this unsettled market, buyers and...

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