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Attorney Review New Jersey

Apr 21, 2019 | Individual Clients, Real Estate

How long is attorney review in New Jersey?

It is a common myth that a NJ attorney review is limited to three (3) days. While it is our practice to attempt to wrap up within this three (3) day period, we believe it is more important that the terms of the contract be adjusted to properly serve our specific client before we deem the review concluded and subsequently label the transaction to be “under contract”.

Essentially, the typical and standard Realtor Real Estate Contract provides for a three (3) day “Attorney Review Period.” Simply, that means that either side has an opportunity to have their respective attorney review, disapprove and/or make modifications to the Contract of Sale within this three (3) day period. Once an attorney disapproves of the Contract, then the “clock stops” and the parties have as much time as they need to negotiate the terms and modifications of the Contract. If no party offers disapproval and/or proposed modification to the Contract of Sale, that Contract remains viable and enforceable. Similarly, after the expiration of the three (3) day period, if no one offers disapproval or modification, the Contract is binding and may not later be disapproved or canceled based on the acceptance of the terms of the Contract.

As stated above, when an attorney disapproves a contract and offers modifications to the terms of the contract within the three (3) day period, then the language of the contract must be negotiated and adjusted between the attorneys over a few revisions to ensure that there is a “meeting of the minds” on material parts of the Contract of Sale. It is important for Sellers and Buyers to know what obligations and rights they may have in the Contract, and it’s important that they ask important questions of their respective attorneys. Attorney review is a vital part of keeping the deal together if people understand and are able to ensure that their expectations are properly reflected in a Contract of Sale. It’s better to take your time and negotiate the terms of a contract upfront to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly after the Contract of Sale is properly bound at the end of the attorney review.

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