Business Dissolutions & Buyouts

Business Dissolutions & Buyouts

Business Dissolutions and/or Buyouts

Sometimes being in a business relationship is like being in a personal relationship, when it goes bad, the results are nothing short of disastrous. At Abdou Law, we are committed to finding practical ways to end your business relationship. Although we would certainly favor the “easy way” to end a business relationship, we realize that sometimes only through litigation can an effective resolution be obtained. At Abdou Law, we have experience in both negotiating and litigating complex business dissolutions and buyouts so that our clients can move on with their businesses and hopefully prosper.

We have handled different types of business dissolutions and/or business buyouts in various commercial areas, including but not limited to medical practices, restaurants, franchises, car dealers, and Internet companies.

Our staff is committed to providing quality representation, but at a reasonable and effective cost to the clients. We are committed to providing the service and thorough representation of a large firm, but with the interaction, client contact, and cost of a small firm.

Using technology, we service our clients effectively and efficiently when negotiating or litigating a business dissolution and/or a business buyout.

Tough representation is only part of the equation. Ultimately, clients deserve smart representation that embodies “pragmatic solutions for effective resolutions.”

If you are in business and have a failing business relationship, one of the best business decisions you can make is to consult with the experienced attorneys of Abdou Law.

Contact us to schedule a consultation to know your rights and options.