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New Jersey Business Transaction Lawyers

Trusted New Jersey Business Transaction Lawyers

Purchasing or selling a business is a big decision — and it can come with an array of complex legal and financial issues. The New Jersey business transaction lawyers at Abdou Law Offices, LLC are committed to helping entrepreneurs navigate the complex legal and commercial landscape that comes with buying or selling a business. Whether you are selling a mid-size company or purchasing a large franchise, our lawyers have the skill and knowledge necessary to help you make the right decisions for the success of your business.

Reliable Representation for Business Sales and Purchases

When it comes to purchasing or selling a business, there are different types of transactions and various issues that must be considered.  The issues that arise when one purchases or sells a restaurant are vastly different than the issues that pertain to the purchase or sale of a medical practice.  The New Jersey business transaction lawyers at Abdou Law Offices, LLC provide solid advice and strategic counsel to business owners for their long-term success drawing from our vast experience in handling complex purchase/sale transactions for various types of businesses. It is this experience in serving many different types of business clients that the New Jersey business transaction lawyers at Abdou Law Offices, LLC that we leverage forward for our new clients.  Working collaboratively with each of our business clients, we know how to negotiate and structure a deal to minimize risk and maximize the likelihood that the transaction closes smoothly with all critical items addressed.

Abdou Law Offices, LLC represents entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries for business sales and purchases to ensure their transactions are carried out smoothly. We also commonly represent businesses when they add or remove partners, expand their operations, and merge/acquire other businesses. 

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to represent those who own:

  • Medical practices
  • Dental practices
  • Automotive shops
  • Professional service firms
  • Franchises
  • Restaurants
  • Routes
  • Delis and bakeries
  • Real estate management companies

Offering a broad scope of legal services, we assist our business clients in reviewing asset purchase agreements, negotiating contractual terms, and conducting thorough due diligence. In the event a dispute arises, we have the experience and creativity to work collaboratively with all parties to try to keep a “good deal” together for our clients. 

That said, however, as dedicated New Jersey business transaction lawyers, we have no hesitation in counseling our clients against “bad deals.” Lastly, our vast experience in commercial and business litigation allows us to properly understand how contractual terms are used to leverage our clients’ position. We are proud to offer this complete experience for the benefit of our business clients when they expand, purchase or sell a business in New Jersey and New York. 

A Reputation for Success

At Abdou Law Offices, LLC, we understand the many challenges business owners face on a daily basis, and we use this understanding to provide pragmatic services to our business clients. With a commitment to providing personalized legal services and individualized attention, we are dedicated to developing tailored solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they will be represented by a lawyer who not only possesses a deep knowledge of the law — but is also well-versed in business.

If you are thinking about expanding your business, buying a business, selling it, or consolidating its operations, we can guide you through the process and implement effective solutions for any issues that may arise.

Contact a Diligent New Jersey Business Transaction Lawyer

Legal issues regularly arise during the course of business. If you’re a business owner, it’s essential to have competent counsel who can advise you every step of the way as you carry out your business transactions —and to ensure your interests are protected. The New Jersey business transaction lawyers at Abdou Law Offices, LLC take a creative approach and provide innovative solutions for all types of business transactions. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.