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New Jersey Commercial Closing Lawyers

Abdou Law Offices, LLC has a seasoned and experienced commercial real estate practice throughout New Jersey. We have been an integral part of the acquisition and sales of diverse commercial real estate properties such as shopping centers, office buildings, medical arts buildings, and franchise property development. Our NJ commercial real estate lawyers leverage experience and pragmatism to facilitate a methodical and orderly contract formation process, through due diligence, and then ultimately to the closing table. We have worked with all of the established commercial lenders, and our attention to detail is paramount.

The Importance of a Skilled Commercial Closing Lawyer

Abdou Law Offices, LLC also has a vast commercial leasing practice that assists clients engaged in a wide array of businesses, including but not limited to assisting such business clients in leasing retail, office, medical, shopping center units, as well as ground pad leasing and development. We assist franchisees in finding the right space and guiding them through the leasing process to assist in the facilitation of the acquisition of the franchise license. We are excited to serve new businesses and “start-ups” in getting them started with the real estate space that properly fits their immediate needs and long-range goals.

Our commercial real estate practice is a fundamental part of our overall commercial/business law practice that seeks to service businesses of all types regarding their immediate and long-term needs. Our experience in both litigation and transactional practice allows us to offer unique insight into how to properly structure commercial real estate transactions to safeguard against any future issues or liability.

We take pride in our abilities to serve our business clients and believe that our experience, skill, and diligence present a value to our clients that promotes a long-standing relationship with our firm.

Please contact our NJ commercial closing lawyers for assistance in your commercial real estate acquisitions, transactions, or anything in-between.