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Construction Litigation and/or Contractor’s Liability

Regardless if you are a homeowner who has had a bad experience with a contractor or if you are a contractor who is being wrongfully sued for the work that you did, Abdou Law is well-versed in the area of construction litigation. We have represented numerous homeowners against faulty contractors who not only violate their contracts, but also the Consumer Fraud Act (CFA). Conversely, we have also represented many contractors, ranging from small home improvement companies to major builders, with respect to various claims against them challenging the quality of workmanship or the fulfillment of their contractual obligations.

Good decisions are anchored with good advice. Let us be your anchor.

It is because we have represented both sides in various cases that we credibly and effectively represent our clients in construction lawsuit or litigation cases. We regularly work with excellent expert engineers and witnesses, and are effective at putting together a case strategy that is both effective and efficient with respect to the cost of legal fees.

At Abdou Law, we recognize that the complexity of a construction lawsuit or litigation requires firm and knowledgeable guidance. We provide that service with the utmost care to our clients.

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