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Diminished Value

CAR ACCIDENTS! It’s not your fault. Now your car is always going to have an accident in its history. We’ve all been through it, and it is one of the worst experiences that people can have in their lives.

A car accident is a serious matter even if you are lucky enough that you are not injured. If a car accident is not your fault, and you were forced due to the vehicle value to have it repaired, you have incurred significant losses by way of the diminished vehicle value claim. In fact, even minor accidents significantly lower a vehicle’s value due to laws requiring disclosure of accidents, as well as the popularity of services like a Carfax.

Think about it. If you go to trade or sell your car after it has been repaired, your vehicle will have a significant accident history for which you will be penalized at the time of sale or trade-in with respect to the vehicle’s reduced value. You will have significant losses in your vehicle’s value no matter how good the repairs.

This is where we come in because we can recover the amount of your vehicle’s diminished value immediately after your car is repaired. That way, you are not only getting your vehicle repaired, but you were also “repairing” the vehicle’s value.

Abdou Law Office’s diminished vehicle value claim services cost you nothing, unless and until we recover money for you. It is a no-risk proposition, and we invite you to call us now to assess your vehicle’s diminished value and a potential claim on your behalf.