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New Jersey Residential Landlord-Tenant Lawyers

​Residential leases can be simple, however, when a dispute or issue arises, the relationship between the residential landlord and tenant becomes much more complex. In the State of New Jersey, residential leases are common among the state’s occupants, including the dwelling of apartment complexes, multi-family homes, mixed-used properties, privately owned homes, summer rentals and more. At Abdou Law, our skilled attorneys help New Jersey’s property owners and residents in an array of residential landlord-tenant transactions, issues and disputes.

Taking the Time to Understand Our Clients’ Needs

At Abdou Law, we understand that landlord-tenant relationships have potential for unforeseen conflict. Regardless if we are asked to review/draft a residential lease or to represent a party in a landlord/tenant dispute, our attorneys understand that each landlord-tenant case is unique, while providing the necessary solutions, insight and guidance for our clients during a time that can be stressful to both parties.

Helping Our Clients with Various Types of Landlord-Tenant Transactions, Issues and Disputes

Our attorneys regularly handle landlord-tenant transactions, issues, and disputes in the State of New Jersey, providing our firm the experience and ability to handle a wide range of landlord-tenant matters impacting both residents and property owners in New Jersey.

For Landlords, we typically engage in the following activities:

  • Draft New Jersey residential leases that comply with the Landlord/Tenant Law that clearly define the rights of the parties to ensure that the relationship hopefully starts positively.
  • Assess year-to-year lease changes and recommend modifications to leases to ensure that the landlord’s interests are protected.
  • Counsel New Jersey landlords as to the proper timeframe to provide a tenant notice in accordance with New Jersey’s anti-eviction laws.
  • Commence an eviction action for a New Jersey landlord when a dispute arises, and pursue the monies owed on a lease if a tenant fails to pay rent.

For Tenants, we will do the following:

  • Review a proposed lease, negotiate changes, and counsel our clients as to their rights pursuant to the New Jersey Landlord/Tenant Law.
  • Analyze lease terminations, including end of lease agreements and early termination clauses.
  • Defend a wrongful eviction action filed against a tenant to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  • Ensure that broken appliances are repaired, and make sure that there is no unauthorized property access or violation of privacy by a landlord.
  • Evaluate eviction notices, ensuring that the proper notice was provided in accordance with New Jersey anti-eviction laws

Landlord/Tenant Dispute Resolution. Often, landlord-tenant disputes can be successfully negotiated outside of court or resolved through mediation or arbitration. But, if negotiations stall and litigation is necessary, our clients can be confident knowing that they have a trusted and seasoned advocate on their side, regardless of if they are a landlord or tenant.

Contact our Knowledgeable Lawyers

It is essential to have a qualified lawyer on your side who can advise you regarding your legal rights and protect your economic interests. At Abdou Law Offices, LLC, our New Jersey residential landlord-tenant lawyers are committed to achieving your goals and securing the best possible outcome in your case. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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