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New Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyers

Fall down accidents are typically either slip and fall accidents or trip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents and trip and fall accidents can occur at any place, anytime to anyone. While a fall-down incident may cause severe embarrassment, the aftermath of an accidental fall can cause severe personal injury, unpaid medical bills, loss of work, and permanent injury to the fall victim. Our NJ slip and fall lawyers will help you navigate each step of the process and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Slip and Fall Accidents

But, what exactly classifies this type of personal injury? Common slip and fall incidents can include, but are not limited to accidents involving:

  • Wet Floor – Including lack of proper notice via wet floor signage in common areas
  • Icy walkways, Icy Driveways, Icy Parking lots – Winter causes more than severe weather, it causes snow and icy conditions on walkways, driveways, and parking lots. If a property owner does not properly clear the snow and ice at their residence or business, a violent fall may occur that can lead to significant and permanent injuries. If you have fallen in an icy parking lot or sidewalk of a business, remember that both the tenant and the landlord of the property may be at fault, as well as the snow removal or landscaping company.
  • Improperly Lit Hallways & Improperly Lit Stairs – An improperly lit hallway or staircase at a residence or a business can cause a catastrophic and serious fall. These types of accidents are completely avoidable, and the lack of proper lighting may cause the tenant and/or the owner of a property to be liable for the resulting injuries.
  • Raised or improperly laid carpets or mats – An improperly laid carpets or mat can cause a trip and fall accident and if not properly maintained during the winter months, it can also cause a slip and fall accident.
  • Improper Hand Railing – Missing handrails as a direct cause of a fall down accident on a staircase that could cause a serious and permanent injury.

How Our NJ Slip and Fall Lawyers Can Help You

If one of these instances occurred to you, whether in a public place or privately-owned property, you may be entitled to a personal injury settlement. Our slip and fall lawyers will help you get the compensation you deserve from your accident. From start to finish, we will:

  • Develop Formal Statements – Best practice for proving a slip and fall case is to have the accident properly documented. Contact us, and we will help you submit a statement at the establishment where the fall occurred. Thereafter, we can assist you in clearly helping you prepare a statement that is accurate, detailed, and consistent with the events surrounding the accident.
  • Gather Witness Statements – Witness statements are an imperative source of evidence for your case. We’ll contact key witnesses and others who were present during the time of the incident in order to obtain their statements and be able to rely upon them throughout the case.
  • Gather Medical Information – If you are permanently injured as a result of a fall down accident, we will need to gather the medical information from your treating medical providers to be able to assert that the slip and fall accident or trip and fall accident caused you a serious and permanent injury for which you deserve compensation.
  • Other Potential Claims – As a result of your slip and fall, you may have unpaid medical bills or even experience loss of work attributable to the fall-down accident.
  • Litigate & Possibly Resolve – You will need tough and thorough attorneys to litigate and thoughtfully move your case through the case system. Whenever possible, Abdou Law will explore the potential for a beneficial resolution or monetary settlement. However, in the event that a settlement cannot be obtained, we are ready to take the case through trial to give you your day in Court.

If you think you’ve been involved with a fall-down case in New Jersey, contact our slip and fall lawyers today. For more information on what to do immediately following your incident, read our blog What You Should Do When You Slip and Fall here.

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