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New Jersey Trucking Accident Lawyers

As a passageway State located in the Eastern Corridor, trucking accidents occur each day throughout the State of New Jersey. It’s important for you to know your rights if you are involved in such an accident. When you are involved in a trucking accident, it is critical to have an attorney to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve and who has the experience to successfully bring forth such claims for personal injury against trucking carriers and truck operators.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

But first, what are some of the common causes of a trucking accident? Many trucking, semi-truck or 18-wheeler vehicular accidents occur due to:

  • Sleep deprivation due in part to a proper lack of rest stops required of truck drivers
  • Large size of the truck
  • Distracted driving
  • Weather conditions
  • Heavy traffic and/or busy roadways
  • Drug use of the truck driver
  • Mechanical breakdowns

How Our NJ Trucking Accident Lawyers Can Help You

While there can be many reasons that an accident to occur, it is important that a claim is presented by a thorough trucking accident lawyer that will lead, guide, and represent you during your case for serious personal injury caused by the collision. Specifically, Abdou Law helps our individual trucking accident clients:

  • Gather/Request Accident Documentation – Including police reports, witness statements, insurance documentation
  • Present a Notice of Claim – to the truck driver, tractor operator, and truck carrier company.
  • Collect Medical Evidence – As you treat, Abdou Law will be in contact with you and collect your medical records and data in order to present the full scope of your personal injuries.
  • Review Substantial Evidence – Checking for local roadway regulations, video footage of the accident, driving history, records and reports, and any expert opinion on the happening of the trucking accident or the severity of your injuries
  • File a Lawsuit – Abdou Law will file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, and if required the municipal and state authorities or agencies that may have contributed to the accident within the State of New Jersey court systems
  • Pursue Discovery – Abdou Law will prosecute the case for you throughout pre-trial discovery wherein the parties exchange critical information about how the accident occurred with the 18 wheeler but also the permanent nature of your serious injury caused by the truck.
  • Prepare for Trial – Regardless if your case actually goes to trial, preparation is everything. Abdou Law will prepare the case as if it is going to trial so that maximum leverage can be applied if there are settlement negotiations with a trucking company’s insurance company.
  • Negotiate – 98% of cases settle. Abdou Law is always prepared in order to negotiate the best possible settlement with the trucking company defendants.
  • Represent You in Court – We will attend all court proceedings and speak on your behalf throughout the case. If a trial becomes necessary, we will be prepared to make sure that you have “your day in Court!”

If you’ve been in a trucking accident with a box truck or an 18 wheeler truck, you may find yourself asking, do I have a potential case? In most scenarios, the answer depends on various factors which we will be able to evaluate and counsel you. Abdou Law is here for you in this challenging time.

Contact one of our NJ trucking accident lawyers today to speak about your accident, and how we can help.