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Workers’ Compensation is Your Right!

Jun 30, 2021 | Individual Clients

wokers' compensation

Let’s get one thing clear. If you are injured at work, fault does not matter. You have a right to open a Workers’ Compensation claim, obtain treatment by the Workers’ Compensation assigned doctor, and if that doctor agrees that you cannot go back to work, then to receive temporary disability benefits.

Unfortunately, there are some employers that make employees feel that if they get injured at work, they should then be ashamed and not request any type of accommodation, or more importantly, Worker’s Compensation benefits. This is illegal.

Every employer in the State of New Jersey must have and provide Worker’s Compensation insurance. Moreover, when an accident occurs and/or when an employee requests, an employer must provide an injured employee with the name and contact information of the Worker’s Compensation carrier. Ideally, the employer should process the Worker’s Compensation claim on behalf of the employee upon the happening of the accident, but at a minimum, that employer must provide the employee with Workers’ Compensation insurance information so that employee can proceed with their claim.

This link is a summary of the process as provided by the State of New Jersey, Division of Workers’ Compensation: Department of Labor and Workforce Development | Injured Workers

If you are an employee who is injured at work, and your employer avoids giving you the information for the Worker’s Compensation carrier, this is unacceptable and certainly actionable. An attorney can either assist you with demanding from your employer the Worker’s Compensation insurance information or can directly look it up so that you can make your claim accordingly. There is no reason why people should be intimidated not to make a Worker’s Compensation claim. It is your right!

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