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New Jersey Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Unfortunately, employment discrimination happens within workplaces across the nation, and when it happens to someone, it is devastating in the short-term but also to the person’s long-term career and confidence. In New Jersey, the Law Against Discrimination (LAD), Employment discrimination can include, but not limited to, unfairness or unfavorable treatment within a workplace or an organization due to:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Physical/mental disabilities

While employment discrimination can cause immediate and severe economic hardship, it is also responsible for emotional distress, fear, and the erosion of someone’s professional reputation. As such, it is vital that an employee have competent legal guidance when it seems that you were mistreated at the workplace or wrongly terminated from your employment due to such unlawful discrimination.

How Our NJ Employment Discrimination Lawyers Can Help

If you feel that you have been or are the victim of employment discrimination within the State of New Jersey, see what our employment discrimination lawyers at Abdou Law can do to help. By contacting our office, our attorneys will:

  • Analyze Your Situation and Obtain a Chronology of Events – We base our work on facts surrounding the events that led to the discrimination of you at the workplace. If you are still employed, we will work to provide advice and recommendations as to what immediate actions you should take while continuing to work for the at-fault company or organization. If you were wrongfully terminated in New Jersey based on such unlawful discrimination, we will immediately be prepared to become engaged to assert your claims.
  • Gather Documentation – In a discrete manner, we will advise you how to lawfully gather evidence of your employment discrimination. Articles of proof may include emails, text messages or even statements from fellow employees. Depending on the scenario, we will make recommendations on what to save or include for your case file. Notwithstanding, it is extremely important to remember that you are not permitted to use information that may be deemed confidential or proprietary in nature, so even if you are a “whistleblower,” there are certain safeguards to which you will need to be aware.
  • Represent You in Your Case – If your employment discrimination case escalates to an employment litigation matter, we will represent you in court. According to New Jersey’s robust Law Against Discrimination, if you are successful, the at-fault company may be compelled to pay your legal fees. We will advise you of the best strategy and course of action to take throughout the case so that you can make sure that your rights and interests were properly asserted.

If you think you have been adversely affected at work through unlawful discrimination or if you have been fired or terminated because of discriminatory intent, please call Abdou Law and speak to our NJ employment discrimination lawyers to know your rights and options. In addition to litigation, we have experienced employment contract lawyers who have helped businesses negotiate and draft employment contracts and employee handbooks.